A Berry Fun Day: Blue Berry Picking in Temecula

Wineries, hot air balloons, wine, Old Town, wine country, moto cross, and more wine…

when most people think of Temecula they typically think two things: wine, and “it’s too far in the middle of nowhere”. Not often will blueberry, pumpkin or strawberry farms be among the topic of conversation, but I’m here to tell you that as great as the wineries are, they don’t exactly scream “family time”. Nestled among the thousands of acres of wineries are a few of my favorite farms. For the last several years I’ve enjoyed countless hours hunting for the perfect pumpkin at Peltzer’s Farm and in the spring I can be found challenging the boys to see who can find the biggest blueberry at the Temecula Berry Co!

temecula berry co

Temecula Berry Company started in the late 90’s by a father and son duo. Farmer Mike continues to run most of the day-to-day hard labor farming, his parents still play important roles. Ray is often seen talking to the children about the animals (pigs and chickens) and his mom runs the story time and store. They are the sweetest family  you’ll ever meet!

The season for blueberries is only 2-3 months long so you have to get there early to enjoy the best ones. I’ve taken my boys three times this year!


Here’s a few of my tips for picking the best blueberries:

  1. Go picking early in the morning or when the sun is about to set. The Temecula Berry Company is open every day from 8am to 6pm. We usually get there around 9. Story time is 9:30. I do avoid the weekends when it gets busier and opening day.
  2. Wear a hat and sunscreen. The summer sun is no joke.
  3. Have the kids wear closed toed shoes. They WILL get dirty. And if your kids are like mine, they’ll complain that there are sticks/rocks/etc in their toes.
  4. Only pick the blueberries you plan on purchasing, if you have little ones make sure they are picking edible berries.
  5. Only pick the blue berries.  The green berries are still growing and picking them now will shorten the blueberry season…so don’t be selfish people we want to keep the season as long as possible.
  6. Go for the hidden berries. The ones adult waist level and higher are the first to go, look for weighted down branches near the ground. You will score larger patches of multiple berries…JACKPOT!
  7. Bring water and wipes for after you’re finished.
  8. Have FUN! Let the kids run and enjoy the outdoors.

TBC collage

The Temecula Berry Company 

39700 Cantrell Road
Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 225-5552

Hours: Daily 8am – 6pm

For directions and more information log on to The Temecula Berry Company 

Be sure to search for local you-pick farms at Pick Your Own.org

Happy Picking!



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