Reasons My Kid Cries

Being two is hard.

Being two isn’t always fun.

Preston is two. He’s the baby and therefore he thinks he runs the show…who am I kidding, he kinda does. But there are times that he just isn’t going to get his way, no matter how persistent he is, no matter how hard he tries, no matter how many tears he sheds.

Sometimes, just sometimes he cries over things that seem simple to him, but then again he is two. And when you’re two life apparently is hard. Forget that he has two parents that love him; four brothers that adore him; grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that love, adore and spoil him; many, many, many amazing family friends; a house, food, clothes, toys…everything he could possibly need and want. He is two so sometimes, just sometimes he throws fits and cries over little things, or at least over things that I see as little.

Like the time he cried because it was time to go to see our friends, or the time I was out of chocolate milk…

                                                         IMG_0001  IMG_0002

Or the time he threw a fit because I told him he couldn’t ride his dinosaur on the coffee table, or wouldn’t let him have a cookie for lunch…

                                                IMG_0003 IMG_0004

And the time I told him he couldn’t take his eye patch off yet…although this was at least a mostly legitimate reason for crying.


But the time he couldn’t play with play-doh on my carpeted living room floor…according to a toddler, not legitimate reason to say no.

And apparently toddlers, or at least this toddler doesn’t like certain shirts so crying even when mom gives you an option of what to wear is acceptable, as is the time he was told he can’t take my ipad to bed.

                                                             IMG_0008 IMG_0009


What has your kid cried over? Please tell me I’m not the only one that takes pictures of their crying baby, cause if I am you really should join in on the fun. It will make you laugh, at least when they are crying over things like cookies, chocolate milk and ipads.

I am lucky that he tends to get over his frustration rather quickly and is generally a very happy little boy.


But when he’s not, we know that its just the fun age of two…when apparently life is very hard.




    • Angela says

      you and me both! And to be completely honest, someone really should tell me no when I want a cookie for lunch 😉

  1. Rachel G. says

    I just love this post! My son is 5 and within the last few months he has become someone who cries over so many little things! Like when he didn’t like the shirt I picked out, or when I told him to brush his teeth. You are not alone! :)

    • Angela says

      I remember my older boys going through that around kinder age too. It’ll pass. poor guy and poor momma.

    • Angela says

      oh there are certainly times that I think I should cry or hide in the closet with a diet coke and snickers!

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