Little Moments

L is for little moments…

I’ve been asked many times if it is hard to have a big family, if its hard to make time to spend quality time with each of my kids. I always respond the same, of course it is. But I also think that with the busyness that is most peoples lives, its hard to make time even with one child. To me it’s about the little moments, quality time doesn’t need to be a big production. It doesn’t need to be a full day, it can be a few minutes snuck in during nap time. A few quiet minutes of puzzle time, a few silly selfies, a few minutes of homework help, craft time together, a short little bike ride or a picnic in the front yard. 

{date night!}
{crafting with Tristan}
{seeing the extra homework time with Dylan paying off}
{silly faces with Jackson}

{bike racing with Preston, he won…pretty sure he cheated!}

We may have a big family, and there never going to be enough time, but I’ve never thought of my time or love as being divided…it’s multiplied by 5 amazing boys and a husband I adore. I may never have enough time, so rather than focusing on the time I don’t have, I choose to focus on the time I do have…the small moments. The moments that really matter. The moments they will remember, the moments I will remember. 

What small moments are your favorites?


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