(half) Marathon Training update

M is for (half) Marathon Running…

I know I’m strong, I know I’m determined, I know I can do anything I put my mind to. But in this case my body is not agreeing with my mind. 

For nearly two months, I was running 4 days a week…4. From running only in between stops at Fit4Mom to running up to 8 miles with no stops, I was feeling great, I was starting to love running. I was determined, I was motivated, I was on fire. Then out of nowhere hip pain. 

After taking a few weeks off, icing, extra stretching and seeing a chiropractor; I have finally come to the realization that what was supposed to my first half Marathon on May 4th will have to wait. My mind is 110% in it, 110% wants to run, 110% is disappointed that my body is making all the decisions. My body is not up to the race. 

While I am bummed and trying to not beat myself up about it, I am more bummed that I had such an amazing group of strong women pushing me along. 

{such an amazing group of strong, motivating, encouraging women}
{myself and Geri…my running partner in crime}

I wanted to cross that finish line with them. 
I wanted to cheer them on.
I wanted to be there for them if they needed to be pushed. 
I knew they would push me if I needed them to keep me going. 

My new running goals will start after my chiro therapy is over. I am hoping that I can start over and start training once again. It’ll be tough. I tend to lack motivation when I don’t have someone keeping me accountable. Summer is quickly approaching and it gets far too hot here. I will have to plan, I will have to stay motivated, I will need to be pushed and I will likely whine and complain, but I will go…


I will get my running shoes back on my feet. I WILL run a half marathon, I can do this, I WILL do this. 

Have you ever wanted to accomplish something so bad that you didn’t care what obstacles you faced? Ever wanted something so bad you didn’t care that it hurt, you were willing to push through it…until you couldn’t?



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