(half) Marathon Training update


M is for (half) Marathon Running...

I know I'm strong, I know I'm determined, I know I can do anything I put my mind to. But in this case my body is not agreeing with my mind. 

For nearly two months, I was running 4 days a week...4. From running only in between stops at Fit4Mom to running up to 8 miles with no stops, I was feeling great, I was starting to love running. I was determined, I was motivated, I was on fire. Then out of nowhere hip pain. 

After taking a few weeks off, icing, extra stretching and seeing a chiropractor; I have finally come to the realization that what was supposed to my first half Marathon on May 4th will have to wait. My mind is 110% in it, 110% wants to run, 110% is disappointed that my body is making all the decisions. My body is not up to the race. 

While I am bummed and trying to not beat myself up about it, I am more bummed that I had such an amazing group of strong women pushing me along. 

{such an amazing group of strong, motivating, encouraging women}

{myself and Geri...my running partner in crime}

I wanted to cross that finish line with them. 
I wanted to cheer them on.
I wanted to be there for them if they needed to be pushed. 
I knew they would push me if I needed them to keep me going. 

My new running goals will start after my chiro therapy is over. I am hoping that I can start over and start training once again. It'll be tough. I tend to lack motivation when I don't have someone keeping me accountable. Summer is quickly approaching and it gets far too hot here. I will have to plan, I will have to stay motivated, I will need to be pushed and I will likely whine and complain, but I will go...


I will get my running shoes back on my feet. I WILL run a half marathon, I can do this, I WILL do this. 

Have you ever wanted to accomplish something so bad that you didn't care what obstacles you faced? Ever wanted something so bad you didn't care that it hurt, you were willing to push through it...until you couldn't?


Little Moments


L is for little moments...

I've been asked many times if it is hard to have a big family, if its hard to make time to spend quality time with each of my kids. I always respond the same, of course it is. But I also think that with the busyness that is most peoples lives, its hard to make time even with one child. To me it's about the little moments, quality time doesn't need to be a big production. It doesn't need to be a full day, it can be a few minutes snuck in during nap time. A few quiet minutes of puzzle time, a few silly selfies, a few minutes of homework help, craft time together, a short little bike ride or a picnic in the front yard. 

{date night!}

{crafting with Tristan}

{seeing the extra homework time with Dylan paying off}

{silly faces with Jackson}

{bike racing with Preston, he won...pretty sure he cheated!}
We may have a big family, and there never going to be enough time, but I've never thought of my time or love as being divided...it's multiplied by 5 amazing boys and a husband I adore. I may never have enough time, so rather than focusing on the time I don't have, I choose to focus on the time I do have...the small moments. The moments that really matter. The moments they will remember, the moments I will remember. 

What small moments are your favorites?

Karate Kid


We are starting a new adventure. Dylan has finished his first two weeks of karate and so far he's not only doing great, but loving it too! He's been wanting to start karate for awhile now, but we drug our feet. We worried that he'd start something new and either wouldn't enjoy it or would lose interest like he has with other sports.


{before his first class, he was so excited to put on his Gi}

He's played tee-ball, liked it but didn't want to play the next season. He's played soccer 4 years and liked it too but he didn't really seem to fit well there either. So we are trying something new. Something that is new to all of us. I like it, but don't completely understand it yet. But it really isn't about me and my understanding or love of a sport, it's all about Dylan. I don't care if its a sport, a club or an activity. It's all about finding a place for him, a place that he loves, a place that he fits, a place that he wants to be. I hope that we've found it at the dojo. 

Have your kids followed in your foot steps and enjoyed the same sports and activities you did as a child? Or did you find something else for them?


Jackson's Jokes

Humor is infectious, did you know sound of roaring laughter is far more contagious than any cough, sniffle, or sneeze. If you didn't just spend some time with a room full of children. It is so entertaining to see what they find humorous and there's no sweeter sound than the deep belly laugh of a child...unless its the deep belly laugh of several children.

Did you know that laughter is good for your health? Laughing has been known to lower stress hormones, relax muscles, improve one's mood, ease anxiety, and strengthen relationships. 

Jackson (4) has been quite the jokester since about the age of two. It could be the influence of older brothers, or that he's just naturally a funny little boy. His first jokes he told always ended the same, but were still so funny because he was so darn proud of himself. 


Jackson's first knock-knock jokes:
"knock, knock."
"Who's there."
"Camel." (<------ of all animals to love, he was obsessed with camels)
"Camel, who"
"Camel is stanky (jackson for stinky)."

Every joke was the same, " _______ is/are stanky", then he'd laugh hysterically. When a kid thinks he so funny that he's cracking up, how do you not laugh?

While he no longer tells knock-knock jokes that end the same every single time, he still hasn't really gotten the idea of a punch line quite yet. Here's his new jokes, "how does the chicken get to the other side of the road?" "Not sure Jackson, how does the chicken get to the other side of the road?" "get it? The chicken gets to the other side?!? hahahahah!" 

It is amazing how no matter how busy, or even how grumpy I am ; when Jackson whats to tell me a joke I stop an laugh with that sweet boy and forget everything else. Laughter really is the best medicine!

{dancing in the car to "Happy"} 


My Perfect Summer Energy Drink


I is for Iced Coffee....a few days behind on my a to z challenge, but I'm still going. 

Did you ever smell or drink your parents coffee when you were a kid, and think how the heck could that drink that?!? I did...for a long time. I remember trying to go out for coffee with my friends in high school, and I'd get half a cup and fill it with milk and sugar. I was a fake coffee drinker. I had to choke it down, I just could not drink it, at all. I finally started ordering hot chocolate so at least I'd enjoy my drink.

Fast forward to today, I'm well into my adult years and now I happily enjoy a cup {almost} every morning. I still can't drink it black, but I've grown up a bit from my hot chocolate days.

During the summer, when the boys keep me busy, I find myself needing a little afternoon caffeine pick me up. But when it's nearly 100 degrees daily, I just can't drink a hot cup, and I am not loading up all for boys to find a drive thru coffee place, instead I reach for my go-to at home iced coffee recipe. 

1. make an 8 once cup of your favorite brew
2. Add ice to your favorite glass (or in my case my re-use able Starbucks cup) *freezing coffee in ice cube trays will help your coffee from getting watered down and weak.
3. Pour coffee over ice or wait until coffee cools then pour over ice
4. Add your favorite creamer (my current choice- girl scouts thin mint), milk or half and half
5. Enjoy with your feet up, while ignoring the summertime arguing of your school aged children...wait maybe that's just me. Well enjoy anyway you like! 

WARNING: if you follow these instructions, especially when buying the large container of creamer, you may never pay $4 for an iced coffee again. 

Here's a few more iced coffee recipes that look delicious! I can't wait to try them. 

THE Pioneer Women, Ree Drummond,  makes a strong concentrate first than adds half and half, or even condensed milk to make a Vietnamese version. Find it here

Michelle from The Scrap Shoppe Blog makes a salted carmel iced coffee...yummmm! The recipe can be found here

What is your favorite summertime drink to enjoy when you need a minute to yourself?


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